Reclaimed Cobblestones For Use in Residential Paving Projects

If you need to pave a driveway or walkway or patio, think of using reclaimed or recycled cobblestones. They are a beautiful , unique and cost effective way to get a distinguished “Old World” look. This is a great alternative to the basic concrete or clay paver that most people use in their projects today.

Surprisingly, the antique reclaimed cobblestones, or cobbles, are not out of many people’s price range. The price is comparable to the traditional clay or concrete pavers. However, the look is much more beautiful and unequaled. It is a look that everyone will notice

The cobblestones were brought to the United States from Europe in the hulls of ships. They were used as ballast in the ships and then unloaded at east coast seaports. The cobbles were used in Philadelphia, New York and other east coast cities to pave the streets. The look of the antique cobblestone cannot be duplicated with a concrete or clay paver.

These old cobblestone streets are currently being pulled up and repaved. The old cobblestones are then hand palletized and packaged to be resold to residential and commercial contractors. They are beautiful stones; many are worn smooth with time from foot traffic, horse and buggies and cars. These are cobblestones that Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the like could actually have walked on! It amazes me to think of the historical value of recycling a piece of our American history.

When these street repair projects take place, these stones could just be discarded and sent to landfills or clean fill sites. Often times that does happen. However there are a very few companies that employ crews to reclaim and recycle the antique cobblestones. They are palletized then sold for residential and commercial paving or landscaping projects. There are several cobblestone sizes and colors are available.

Your project will be beautiful and unique while using recycled materials. You can feel good about using “green” products in your home.

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